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The FastDiet

Sorry for the delay in posting…just been a busy week.

If you can’t tell yet, I love to read about health. Another really good book on fasting is called The FastDiet, by Dr. Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer.

FastDiet may sound like a fad, but it’s actually a well-thought out and scientifically documented way to revive your health, lose weight and live a longer and healthier life. Intermittent fasting gives your body a much-needed break and lets it restore itself so it works much more efficiently.

If you combine fasting with a good diet that lets you re-introduce foods to your system that won’t bring the weight back, you’ll be able to keep it off and stay healthy. Co-authors, Dr. Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer present this updated version of The FastDiet with great new recipes and the latest information on fasting.

Much has been discovered recently about dieting, fasting and the effects on your body and mind. You can read about the science of the process in the first chapter of the book.

The remainder of the book deals with how to see the results and gain the most benefits from fasting, new menu plans and even a calorie counter to help you along. Motivation is imperative when you fast and The FastDiet book gives tips on how to get motivated and keep it through the fasting and diet experience.

The authors both agree that exercise is an important part of any diet and have expanded the book to include and explain how you can use high intensity workouts to get more out of your fasting experience.

You can fast two days per week on the FastDiet plan and reap tremendous benefits in weight loss and health without feeling deprived. Skeptics of fasting are now realizing through scientific evidence how this type of dieting can heal and prevent diseases.

If you’re looking for weight loss, you’ll get results if you follow the plan. Your metabolism will be jump-started, your body cleansed and your appetite and cravings will diminish. You will be in fat-burning mode and the fat will melt off your body.

One problem many people experience with dieting is that when they stop the diet plan the weight comes back on like bees to honey. It’s your body trying to load you up with fat again so you won’t starve.

The FastDiet book also gives a perspective on fasting from a woman and a man’s point of view. Men and women are different in the way hormones and insulin levels affect their bodies and Mosley and Spencer help you understand the difference and how to manipulate them with diet to make them work for rather than against you.

A recent study found that intermittent fasting can rejuvenate stem cells, an incredible find. Stem cells can produce more white cells as you age which will result in a more active and healthy immune system.

Finally, we all want to live a long life free from any major problems or diseases. The FastDiet book explains how fasting can increase your lifespan and keep you free from the chronic diseases that are age-related.

It’s definitely worth the read!

Check out The FastDiet book here.

And then let me know what you think.

The Complete Guide to Fasting

Seeing as I started my blog out with the sometime controversial topic of fasting, I decided to go ahead and share a little more about fasting…

The ancients have known about the benefits of fasting for centuries and how it can heal your body and help you go from obesity to a normal weight in a short amount of time. Today, fasting is often thought of as an extreme way to lose weight.

The other incredible and long-lasting benefits of fasting are usually ignored. In The Complete Guide to Fasting, Dr. Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore explain how your body and mind react to intermittent and extended fasting, as well as the great benefits you can expect.

Co-author, Jimmy Moore, can attest to the wide-range of benefits you can realize from fasting. He lost 180 pounds, which allowed him to live a prescription-free life and propelled him into a new career of blogging, podcasting and writing books that have put him in the international bestselling author category.

Moore’s journey through weight loss brought him to an understanding of fasting and what it can do for your body and mind. He tried each of the fasting options; intermittent, extended and alternate-day fasting and can tell you first-hand what the repercussions and results were.

Dr. Fung is one of the most respected physicians in the world. He has done groundbreaking research on dietary management that places emphasis on helping type 2 diabetes without using harsh medical treatments.

The Complete Guide to Fasting is a complete and comprehensive guide to what you can expect from various types of fasting and the benefits and possible consequences of each.

If you’ve been perplexed for years over why the weight you lose comes right back on no matter what you do, Fung effectively explains his theory of insulin resistance and how it can lead to obesity and other problems such as type 2 diabetes.

You’ll learn that all hunger pains are not created equal and begin to learn the difference between real hunger and the craving type of hunger. It’s important for you to know hunger cues, especially when you’re fasting.

It may seem strange to find recipes in a book about fasting, but these recipes are unique and designed to prepare the body for fasting and to help you gradually return to a normal diet without putting the weight back on.

There are protocols for various fasting timelines in case you don’t want to immediately dive in to a week’s worth of consuming only fluids. The protocols are for 24 hours, 36 hours and 42 hours fasting. There is also one for 7 to 14 days.

The focus of the book is about metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes and how fasting can improve the disorders and boost your health. Of the approaches to fasting offered in the book, you’re bound to find one that works for you.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out The Complete Guide to Fasting.

Fasting and Eating for Health


I figured I would dive right in with a somewhat controversial topic…fasting.

The thought of fasting and doing without our beloved sugary drinks and fattening food and addictions (such as coffee) turns many people off. Fasting and Eating for Health might change your mind when you know how fasting can relieve many ills such as headaches, psoriasis, diabetes and much more.

Joel Fuhrman, M.D. has been on the New York Times best-selling authors list six times and is recognized internationally as an expert on nutrition and healing. He’s also the brains behind highly successful PBS specials which teach facts about nutrition all over the world.

In Fasting and Eating for Health, Fuhrman explains how to begin the fasting and eating a specific diet program and how to avoid gaining the weight back. You’ll be introduced to the foods that help rather than hinder your progress and how to get the maximum benefits for your efforts.

You’ll learn that weight loss isn’t the only benefit you’ll derive from fasting and following a specific diet plan. The health you gain will be remarkable and life-changing. Your skin will begin to glow and your energy will be amazing for perhaps the first time in your life.

Fuhrman addresses several medical disorders and conditions in the book. If you suffer from hypoglycemia and headaches you’ll learn that most of what you thought about the conditions is misunderstood.

Heart disease is also addressed. Even if you already have a heart disease diagnosis, you can benefit from the book’s advice on how to restore it to health naturally. Autoimmune disease is thought to be a permanent condition, but Fuhrman offers another approach that is superior to all others.

The way we eat now can lead to all sorts of health problems. Most of us are definitely taking the wrong approach to health, obesity and chronic medical conditions. The proper nutrition can be the answer to a cure in many cases.

As the general population continues to suffer more and more from health problems, the medical community continues to try and fix the problems with drugs that mask the problem and don’t get to the real cause of the condition.

Some progress has been made in the diet and disease relationship, but fasting for health has largely been ignored. As health care is getting outrageously expensive and the real answers are ignored, nations are becoming hotbeds of chronic diseases.

Fasting and specific diets are safe, effective and one of the cheapest ways to guard and restore your health. While food does contain the necessary elements we need to sustain life, toxins are present in most foods we consume.

When you fast, you give your body a break from all the harmful elements you pour into your body on a daily basis. Fasting and Eating for Health introduces you to another way of dealing with illness and disease.

By fasting and a follow up diet plan that’s best for you, you can live a life filled with good health and the energy to enjoy it.

If you’re interested in learning more about Dr. Fuhrman’s thoughts on fasting, check out his book by clicking here.

Let me know what you think…