Fasting and Eating for Health


I figured I would dive right in with a somewhat controversial topic…fasting.

The thought of fasting and doing without our beloved sugary drinks and fattening food and addictions (such as coffee) turns many people off. Fasting and Eating for Health might change your mind when you know how fasting can relieve many ills such as headaches, psoriasis, diabetes and much more.

Joel Fuhrman, M.D. has been on the New York Times best-selling authors list six times and is recognized internationally as an expert on nutrition and healing. He’s also the brains behind highly successful PBS specials which teach facts about nutrition all over the world.

In Fasting and Eating for Health, Fuhrman explains how to begin the fasting and eating a specific diet program and how to avoid gaining the weight back. You’ll be introduced to the foods that help rather than hinder your progress and how to get the maximum benefits for your efforts.

You’ll learn that weight loss isn’t the only benefit you’ll derive from fasting and following a specific diet plan. The health you gain will be remarkable and life-changing. Your skin will begin to glow and your energy will be amazing for perhaps the first time in your life.

Fuhrman addresses several medical disorders and conditions in the book. If you suffer from hypoglycemia and headaches you’ll learn that most of what you thought about the conditions is misunderstood.

Heart disease is also addressed. Even if you already have a heart disease diagnosis, you can benefit from the book’s advice on how to restore it to health naturally. Autoimmune disease is thought to be a permanent condition, but Fuhrman offers another approach that is superior to all others.

The way we eat now can lead to all sorts of health problems. Most of us are definitely taking the wrong approach to health, obesity and chronic medical conditions. The proper nutrition can be the answer to a cure in many cases.

As the general population continues to suffer more and more from health problems, the medical community continues to try and fix the problems with drugs that mask the problem and don’t get to the real cause of the condition.

Some progress has been made in the diet and disease relationship, but fasting for health has largely been ignored. As health care is getting outrageously expensive and the real answers are ignored, nations are becoming hotbeds of chronic diseases.

Fasting and specific diets are safe, effective and one of the cheapest ways to guard and restore your health. While food does contain the necessary elements we need to sustain life, toxins are present in most foods we consume.

When you fast, you give your body a break from all the harmful elements you pour into your body on a daily basis. Fasting and Eating for Health introduces you to another way of dealing with illness and disease.

By fasting and a follow up diet plan that’s best for you, you can live a life filled with good health and the energy to enjoy it.

If you’re interested in learning more about Dr. Fuhrman’s thoughts on fasting, check out his book by clicking here.

Let me know what you think…


40 thoughts on “Fasting and Eating for Health

  1. I do 2 types of fasting – I generally use intermittent fasting as a means of self-control and I also do 3-day fasts before events as a means of mental cleansing. The benefit to physical health is the “cleansing” process that the body goes through when I do that – people like to do “cleanses”, many of which have been proven to be harmful and unnecessary since the body cleanses itself naturally. As you rightly said, doing a fast gives the body free reign to do its job without adding new toxins.

    All this to say that I respect the stance you have taken on this 🙂

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  2. I can’t say that I have done a complete fast:nothing but water, but I am currently doing a fast from all animal products, processed foods, and drinking only water or herbal tea. I have not lost any weight, but I haven’t had any more unexplained chest pains while I have been doing it.

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  3. I agree with the benefits of fasting. It can been very cleansing as well. I believe that a more practical way to using fasting for weight loss (especially if you suffer from metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance) is what is called intermittent fasting. I will be writing about it in an upcoming blog. Briefly, it is extending the time that you already fast (when you are sleeping), to a block of 12-14 hours. This gives your body time to use glucagon to find other sources of energy (like fat in our fat cells). Anyway, great read. Thanks for the information.

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      1. Actually, if you are overweight, it is very good for your blood sugar levels. When we fast (like at night), the levels of glucose in our blood drop low. Our brains need a steady flow of glucose throughout the day to do all its work. In order to accomplish this, our body will release glucagon during times of fasting. This glucagon will first go to the liver and muscles for stored sources of glucose in the form of glycogen. Once it has exhausted those sources, it will go to our fat cells and start breaking down our fats and converting it to glucose for brain energy. If we extend our fast, like with intermittent fasting, our body will use more fats as a source. In the long term this will help you to lose weight.

        Another thing that glucagon will do is make your cells more sensitive to insulin, so that when you do eat, insulin will take that glucose into the cell more readily. Most people who are overweight have either a tendency towards or are full-blown insulin resistant. This is a condition in which the cells of the body are resistant to insulin and don’t allow glucose to be taken into the cell. When this happens, the body will take the glucose to the fat cells to be stored. If this happens enough, you gain more weight and/or have a very difficult time losing it.

        With that said, one exception to this recommendation would be someone who is not overweight and has reactive hypoglycemia. A person like this could have negative side effects from and extended fast. But, most people like this will not be looking for strategies to lose weight.

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      2. Good Luck. If you will study insulin resistance, you might find some good solutions for your prediabetes. Unfortunately, most General practice docs, do not know much about it. The government website PubMed has lots of studies that have looked at insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. Do a search on that website and you will pull up hundreds of studies about possible solutions.

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      3. Thanks! Skeptical of “doctors don’t know” but that is often true. And nutritional advisors often don’t know medicine. I did a juice fast three days then vegan diet at new year and got anemia. So, I’m doing what I can to eat better but am not sure fasting is right for everyone. Thanks for the conversation!


  4. I find the idea of fasting fascinating! Being interested in Restarting my diet, I’ve also read that a 72h fast may have the ability to kill off certain weaker cells, forcing your body to essentially regenerate!

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  5. I’ve been intermittent fasting for the last several weeks and can’t believe the energy I’ve had. Even my workouts are better!! Starting next week I will be doing a 24 hour fast once a week. Hoping this will help me get over those final hurdles to lose the little bit of weight I still have to lose!

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  6. I’m fasting at the moment because of lent. As a Catholic it is compulsory to fast during this period. I’m glad that this exercise is not only helping me spiritually but also physically, thanks for posting this

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  7. I found this post interesting as well as very informative. I recently just stopped intermittent fasting. I was doing it for over a year. I felt the high energy levels and the good benefits of it as well. I recently stopped fasting and started eating breakfast again. I am actually going to switch up and fast several times out of the week again. I like how my body feels when fasting.

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