Quick Question


Do any of you struggle to stay on track with your fitness or dieting goals?

I know I do!

I want to make sure I’m writing about things that help all of us move forward and attain our goals.

Can you please take a moment to answer these two questions in the comments?

  1. What is your greatest struggle when it comes to healthy living?
  2. What healthy living topic would you like to learn more about?

I super appreciate any and all feedback.



33 thoughts on “Quick Question

  1. My biggest challenge is trusting myself around food. When I find something that works, it feels great, but I have this little nagging fear about whether or not I will somehow sabotage myself.

    Healthy living topic that interests me is maintaining my healthy choices in the midst of unhealthy options, like you find at parties, events, pretty much everywhere.

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    1. My greatest struggle around healthy living is my ‘sweet tooth’. I love milk chocolate – chocolate bars, sweets and desserts etc. When I need a boost I buy chocolate. It is definitely my comfort food.

      I would like to learn more about the psychological aspect of healthy living i.e. how to motivate myself to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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  2. 1. My greatest struggle is probably getting the entire family on the same plan. I am fortunate that my wife is on board, but we have several young children who we have conditioned to be carbohydrate lovers who struggle with vegetable eating. So if you have anything like yummy recipes for that hide yummy vegetables then that would be cool.
    2. We are into the keto craze at the moment (currently day 2 of the keto reset diet by Mark Sissons). I am interested in scientific research related to various diets, not just keto. Especially as it relates to something that is sustainable in terms of me being able to be autonomous from the grocery store. Can I grow and/or raise everything that my family needs? That would AMAZING! Do you need several acres to do that or can you conceivably use the rooftop of your apartment, windowsills in your home, or a small garden or garden house?

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  3. My biggest challenge is having enough energy to actually make a healthy meal. I suffer from fibromyalgia and I basically have zero energy to do all the things I want to do.

    The thing I’d like to learn more about is veganism, but I already know so much about it but it’s always fun to learn even more.

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  4. The most difficult thing for me is cutting down on sugar from my diet because it seems like everything under the sun is packed with sugar now days.

    I would like to know about delicious meals and snacks that are high in protein and low in sugar…and inexpensive.

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  5. My biggest challenge is getting back on track after having a couple of days off if I’ve been ill or away for work or something. Once I’m in a routine I love it but I find it hard to get back into the routine if I come out of it.

    Main health topic that interests me at the moment is keeping cooking fun and exciting whilst sticking to all the things I can’t have- gluten, nuts or dairy!

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  6. The biggest challenge, I’d say, is to stay consistent and not succumb to hypocrisy, which would be to think and talk nicely about all those great healthy living principles AND indulge on a regular basis.

    What I’m constantly trying to learn more about is how to live more in accordance with nature, be it about eating, clothing, shopping, or any living habits.

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  7. I have many struggles in this department but one of them is in regards to trying to eat healthier……….all of the very time-consuming food prep when I get home from the grocery with all my fresh veggies and fruit purchased with great enthusiasm and the intention to turn them all into fantastically healthful meals. The prep just pokes a hole in my very tired ‘balloon’ and in all honesty many times some of those lovely items turn into penicillin factories in my fridge and then go straight to the trash.

    Also..I find that I need a LOT of positive feedback and visual proof that what I am working so hard at is actually working……or else I just give up and go back to old habits. So, I guess motivation is the issue here.

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  8. What is your greatest struggle when it comes to healthy living?
    What healthy living topic would you like to learn more about?

    1. My greatest struggle is when everyone around me is eating delicious food I know tastes good, and its the only option. Like a birthday party that only has cupcakes. (no food, just cupcakes)…or before church or after church and there is a tray of cookies out or something. So I guess socializing without eating the food they are.
    2. I’d like to learn more about the mental changes involved with adapting to a new healthier lifestyle.
    nice blog 🙂

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  9. I’m really disciplined when I want to be and when I have an app to help – like right now I track all my food with myfitnesspal, and I stay on track. I’ve had success with MFP and would recommend it to anyone. My problems have come from when I go OFF myfitnesspal. I eat more. And I underestimate how much I’m eating, or weirdly think that if I’m not tracking it in an app, it’s as if I didn’t eat it. 🙂 So for me it’s just learning how to be aware of portions and stuff while NOT actively tracking.

    As far as healthy living topics, I’m always on the hunt for healthy and delicious recipes, especially for comfort food!

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  10. My biggest issue with fitness is knowing when it’s time to back off and rest/recover. I’m always in “push it” mode and I forget that rest & recovery is a big part of the fitness equation. From a diet standpoint I’m pretty good and wouldn’t change anything.

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  11. My children are my biggest challenge to all my goals. Especially when it comes to food as they are very hard to please at meal times and cooking several different meals is time consuming. Also my limited cooking knowledge and skill is a limiting factor…. O and the washing up that comes with that!

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  12. My greatest struggle is social events. I do great when I’m at home, but once I leave home it’s tough to stay on track. I would like to learn more about a vegan lifestyle. I’m not quite there, and I don’t know if I can make that jump or not.

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  13. I am in my first trimester with baby number 2. My first pregnancy I was able to whip up something healthy whenever a craving hit (or I was at work and just had to power through until I could get home). I was able to eat a pretty paleo diet the entire time and had an incredibly healthy and easy pregnancy and delivery! This time I have a toddler and am struggling to find time and energy to come up with and prepare myself healthy, unprocessed snacks!
    I would love suggestions for some quick, very low prep snack ideas!

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  14. I was sick a lot last year (I have celiac disease and this was related to that – microscopic colitis), so I would like to be able to eat something and not be afraid of whether or not a bathroom was nearby. That’s my biggest struggle, so to speak.

    The good news is that, because I was sick, I am eating healthier than I had been. I cut out bread and eat a lot of fruits. I have to be careful around vegetables – certain vegetables, like spinach, don’t digest well. But I am eating healthier than I ever have been!

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  15. For 33 years, yes. For the past 3 weeks, no.
    Since joining a slimming programme, I have decided that I don’t want to loose all the weight as soon as possible.
    I decided that I want to change my eating habits for good. And that includes the occasional pub food when out with friends or the chocolate cake on a Sunday.
    Instead of setting myself unrealistic goals that I would only fail to keep within a few days, this time I’ve given myself a very achievable one. 1 lbs a week. For many that is nothing, as in a month I would only be getting rid of 4 lbs.
    And that is what has changed for me. Instead of thinking of the short term result, I turned my attention to the long run.
    I might only loose 4 lbs in a month. But scale it up and I’ll be down 56 lbs by this time next year.
    And for me, that’s how I will be able to achieve my target. And still have my cake and eat it 😉

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  16. i think the toughest bit is knowing what to focus on and what’s best for me at any one moment. especially with all the conflicting advice that’s out there. i’d like to know how to verify something is scientifically right for me. without thousands of dollars for lab tests. please go a little deeper than “just try it and see if it works for you”! thanks.

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  17. Hello! How are you doing? I think like many people out there, I struggle with staying on track with dieting and exercising on a daily basis. I’ve been using MyFitnessPal for over 5 years and it’s become a staple of my lifestyle to track whatever I eat, drink and how much I exercise. It’s helped me lose over 60lbs, maintain my current weight and keep track of everything I do. Of course, changing my eating habits and exercising more has helped, but if it weren’t partly for the app to put in everything, I don’t think I’d be where I am right now. Of course there are days where I have my cheat days, but otherwise, it’s great to try and stay on track. Finding different motivation is essential to maintaining a change to a healthier lifestyle, in order to be on course to achieving your ultimate goal.

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    1. I gave up using MFP. I learned about portion sizes but it sucked all the enjoyment out of eating. I’d rather be a little heavier and fit (which I am after bicycling 10,000 miles in 2 years), but then eating vegan really wrecked my health. Studies show if you get sick you’re better off with a little extra meat (or fat) on your bones. So listen to your body. If MFP works for you, great!


  18. Like many others my biggest challenge is not falling straight off the cliff for a week or two where i don’t exercise or show any restraint in eating. Then feel like I’m starting over. I can’t seem to just have a fun week-end because it turns into at least a week long binge.

    I’d like a discussion about healthy living that goes beyond diet and exercise. Social interactions and emotional health come to mind. It is something i’m not good at.

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  19. My greatest struggle when it comes to healthy living is finding the time be healthy. It takes to time to research the right diets and exercise programs. It takes time to prepare the right meals and to workout.

    I would like to learn more about healthy programs that build not just physical, but mental, and spiritual health. as well So much of health focuses on the physical.

    You are doing a good job with your blog.

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