Eating The Moment

Thanks again for your replies to my previous post.

One of the responses I saw several times was the topic of mindful eating…why you make the choices you do about when and what you eat.

It made me think about the book, Eating the Moment.

Eating the Moment is a book by Pavel Georgievich Somoy that includes 141 mindful practices to overcome overeating a single meal at a time. It’s a thoughtfully crafted guide to help you overcome problems with eating.

The act of eating tends to be problematic because most of us seldom eat from true hunger but because food comforts us when we’re emotional, bored or when our cravings have been triggered.

But, eating often leaves us with feelings of guilt. We don’t listen to our bodies, but give in to our minds that are tricking us into thinking we’re hungry. This mindless type of eating can cause obesity, health issues and loss of self-esteem because we’re out of control.

In his book, Samoy offers no less than 141 activities to help you get into the habit of mindfully listening to your body and realizing why you eat. With these tools you can also take control of cravings which lead to mindless eating.

As you read this book, you’ll soon know if you’re eating from habit or because you’re emotional. What you won’t read about in this book are the typical diet tips included in every diet plan. Mindful eating is not a diet.

Environmental situations also affect the way and the amount we eat. For example, you may go to a good movie and grab a bag of buttered popcorn and a large drink like you always do. Throughout the movie, you’ll eat and drink, probably not even paying attention to the taste.

The clever exercises presented in the book make you think about why you eat and how you can take control of your eating habits. You won’t feel deprived, but you will begin to eat healthy and feel satisfied and full the entire time.

You’ll gain practical tools for eating mindfully. These tools can transform your life if your mind is open to the process. It may be difficult to grasp that you’re not limited in what you eat or the amount you eat, but with the practice of mindful eating your relationship with food will change for the better.

Performing the exercises will lead you to other truths about yourself other than harmful eating habits. You don’t have to do the exercises all at once. Try some that you’re comfortable with and that peak your interest and then move on to others.

While other diets and diet books tend to be judgmental if you break the rules, Samoy makes it clear that there are no rules in mindful eating. It’s simply practical advice for eating mindfully rather than unconsciously.

Samoy’s expertise is based in research and therapy and he’s a therapist who knows how to read his clients and help them in one of the most difficult areas of life…losing weight and keeping it off.

If you’d like to learn more about mindful eating, Eating the Moment is a very practical and helpful read. You can pick it up from Amazon here.

13 thoughts on “Eating The Moment

  1. Mindful eating is a wonderful form (my fave) of meditation. Focusing on the senses, first consecutively then concurrently, makes the experience a full gift of time and pleasure. Except of course if you accidentally add too many chillies 😝lol

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  2. Thanks for this excellent book review. I followed you here after you liked my post on fasting. As someone who’s prone to overeating, it’s helpful to see other perspectives on mindful eating practices. This title just went on my reading list.

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  3. A best practice I use (may be in the book) is after each bite, set the utensil down and enjoy the bite or chewing. Keeps you present, you enjoy the taste or sensation of the food that you’re eating, and it slows you down so you know the exact moment you’re approaching being full. Great post, thank you!

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  4. I try to bring mindfulness to as many areas of my life as possible… a holistic solution. Loved this post, Kristen. The book sounds great with many practical tips and a non-judgemental approach. We are usually our own worst enemies anyway. I agree that each individual needs to finds methods that suit their habits and level of comfort. Just like everything else in life, mindful eating is a journey.

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