A Cool Little Gadget For Healthy Eating

One of my biggest challenges is…meal prep.

Even with detailed instructions or videos, how can I know that I’ve accurately prepared a meal?

I suspect this is a common problem, especially when trying to eat healthy or dieting.

Well, I ran across a cool little gadget that can help you and I make sure we can easily and accurately measure our ingredients and control our portions.

It’s called a Digital Kitchen Food Scale.

It’s designed to focus on the main elements you need to prepare meals and can quickly and accurately weigh ingredients to let you know if you’re getting a healthy portion size. The weighing surface is 6×6 inches and is also able to let you measure ingredients that must be in a bowl.

You’ve got the option of switching between pounds, grams, ounces (including fluid ounces) and milliliters and the accuracy of measurements are within 1 ounce and 1 gram.

Greater Goods manufactures this handy little scale and they back all their products with 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year warranty that takes care of defects and damages. You can also speak to a specialist if you have any questions or concerns about the scale.

Those who have purchased and reviewed the scale love the slimness of the product and the fact that most bowls and measuring cups fit nicely. There are also many comments about the taring or zeroing out feature that lets you subtract the weight of the container before weighing the food.

Its appearance is clean and streamlined and easily fits on your countertop. Cleaning is easy and it shuts off automatically when you’re finished weighing an item. There are only two buttons: one to turn on and off and one to reset the scale to zero.

Besides weighing your own food for diets or cooking purposes, you can use the scale to measure the portions of food for your pets that are on a diet. It couldn’t be easier and you have confidence in knowing you’re getting it right.

Besides being an excellent product for dieters, the Digital Food Scale is also a great choice for culinary experts who desire accuracy and a fast calculation. It’s also easy to carry if you’re preparing or cooking outside your kitchen.

You’ll feel much more confident in your kitchen measurements when you can weigh accurately. Batteries are included and you can rely on the experts at Greater Goods customer service to help you solve any problems you may have when using the scale.

Perhaps the greatest pleasure in purchasing this handy kitchen gadget is the fact that Greater Goods sets aside a portion of all purchases for the Global Orphan Project. It’s an organization that helps orphaned children by providing necessities and support.

So, you’re protecting others as you’re protecting your health and well-being by being able to measure your food portions. It’s a win-win.

You can grab the Greater Goods Digital Food Scale from Amazon for under $10. Not bad…not bad at all.


16 thoughts on “A Cool Little Gadget For Healthy Eating

  1. Good post and good points! I need to get a new scale (I killed mine). I used it all the time for my cooking, portioning and especially for my baking. I have found that a lot of my favourite recipes depend on weight measurements for ingredients. Following weight vs. cups leads to a more consistent product as you make it over and over again. I think I might look into this little guy!


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  2. I was thinking about getting this exact one on amazon yesterday! So funny. They have a different one that seems really cool, maybe gimmicky? It has the nutritional contents of the food on the side, which you figure out by putting in the food code. Not sure if I want that one or to go simple…

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  3. Growing up in a culture where recipes call for amounts in grams I know how important they are. I use them for baking all the time. The only thing I find very hard about it is when I cook normally. It makes me feel very clinical to measure every small amount of ingredient. I wish I could find a way to overcome this barrier in my head haha. But I’ll give it another try now reading your post. Thank you

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  4. I got their WeightGURUS scale and I’ve been extremely pleased with it, the app that goes with it, and the customer service I’ve gotten from Greater Goods. I already have a food prep scale but if it goes out or gets damaged I’ll be buying the Greater Goods scale to replace it.


  5. I own this too!! And I love it! I’ve been advocating for it since I’ve bought it. It really cuts my meal prep time in half! Thanks for sharing!

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