Intuitive Eating

One of the more interesting topics around healthy eating I’ve come across is a book called Intuitive Eating.

Consider this…what if your diet plan consisted of being able to eat all the foods you love…any time you want?

Intuitive Eating was created by two authors, Evelyn Tribole M.S. R.D and Elyse Resch M.S. R.D. F.A.D.A., and it lets you do just that.

This common sense approach to dieting is specially formulated for those who have dieted and failed so many times and feel caught in a web of diet programs that don’t work. The authors call it, “Hitting the Diet Bottom.”

Most diets zap your energy and require a lot of planning, measuring and special ingredients. After dieting and feeling deprived for weeks or months it’s just too tempting to gorge on all the foods you’ve missed on the diet you were on.

That’s when the weight creeps back on your body with even more veracity and all those new “skinny” clothes you bought no longer fit. With the IE plan, you don’t have to focus your entire life around shopping and preparing of diet foods and eating such scant amounts that you’re never satisfied.

The Intuitive Eating program operates on three basic rules; 1.) Eat the food you’re hungry for whenever you like, 2.) Eat only because you’re truly hungry and not for emotional reasons, 3.) Learn your inner hunger and satiated cues and rely on them to figure out how much to eat.

The hard truth is…those who struggle with food issues usually struggle with other areas of their lives; relationships, self-esteem and other issues. The Intuitive Eating plan helps you gain control over food, causing a domino effect of getting control in other areas of your life.

For those of you who thought your taste buds and stomach were the main reasons for overeating and cravings, you’ll learn in Intuitive Eating that the mind has even more to do with your weight loss success.

The tips and suggestions in the book are designed to lead you to a new way of thinking about your weight. In fact, the authors suggest you should not even think about your weight, but pay attention to your hunger cues.

After reading the book, you’ll get extra help from the appendices which consist of a question and answer portion and step-by-step guidelines to get you started on the Intuitive Eating program and your new life, free of food issues.

Intuitive Eating was originally released back in 2003, but received an update in 2012.

The latest printing of Intuitive Eating has changed a bit. There are no longer statistics such as weights and heights because time and research have determined that it leads to self-sabotage.

There are also two new chapters added to the book. One is designed to help children become Intuitive Eaters and the other provides scientific evidence that IE can really work to help you get your weight and eating habits under control.

If this sounds interesting to you, check out Intuitive Eating here.

A new Intuitive Eating Workbook was released last year as well, which can help you be even more successful with Intuitive Eating.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments…

26 thoughts on “Intuitive Eating

  1. I had come across this book some years ago thanks to a friend. There are some truths, mostly address the calorie starvation and emotional eating problems people have. My issue is the eat whatever you want. My ideal would be a combo of this with macronutrient/micronutrient understanding and balanced diet to give your body what it needs and be satisfied.

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  2. Thank you for this! Intuitive eating has been something I have been trying really hard to practice since stopping counting calories. It’s a lot more difficult than it appears! I will certainly be checking out this book 🙂

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  3. This just makes SO much sense. I think as soon as you know some basics about what kind of nutrients you need and what “processed” means, you should really mainly listen to your body. Great post! xxx

    If you’re interested in nutrition (which I guess you are), make sure to check out some of my posts! I’m a medical student and trying to point out a few basics principles of how our bodies function and therefore what we actually need!

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  4. Nice post! I bought this book in 2016 before I really got into my health. I love the concept of intuitive eating but I definitely had a hard time putting it into practice at the time. What I did find after changing my diet was once I felt how amazing I could feel in my body by giving it healthier foods I was able to eat intuitively naturally. I become more in tune with my body.

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  5. I think the idea is somewhat correct, I have tried several types of diets since very young. It all boils down to what works for the person. I eat healthy, but indulge her and there. I eat when I am hungry and not on a schedule. For me eating healthier has to do with well being and not so much weight loss.

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  6. I feel like this is how I ate when I was growing up and stayed skinny as a rail! But then as I began to sit at a desk all day and start eating out (usually unhealthy) because it’s lunch time and I wanted to get away from the office, this concept became most important but hard to be mindful of. Now, I’m definitely in need of some structure in my eating, which is working out for me now. But in a perfect world everyone could and should try to practice intuitive eating. Thanks for the post on this!

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  7. My own way of eating intuitively is to eat what I crave. If I crave fufu and soup, I eat it. If I crave okpa, I eat it. If I crave bread and soyamilk, I take it. BUT my simple rule is to never miss breakfast and to eat dinner before 7pm.

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  8. I think some may benefit from this type of eating plan, but for those of use with particular food sensitivities, there still a need to eat food that does not create a pandemic of symptoms. Just eating whatever we like is not going to cut it; however, I do agree with eating when your body dictates your hungry. I call it mindful eating, I guess you can say intuitive.

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  9. When I feel like nibbling on something in the middle of the day or after dinner. I ask myself, “am I really hungry, am I thirsty, am I bored.” I mindfully decide if I truly am hungry and what my body needs at that moment. Sounds silly maybe, but I find that it truly helps.

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  10. It took me awhile to learn from the cues my body was sending me. I now eat smaller more frequent meals everyday, rather than the traditional three-meals-a-day approach. It has helped with maintaining energy and focus throughout my day. Also cutting out refined or processed sugars and food. Oh and gluten. It’s been a long journey with food for me, and I miss some foods, but I’m in the beast shape of my life and no more brain fog. I have also been experimenting with intermittent fasting and weight training with great results. Thanks for the interesting read and the follow as well.

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  11. Have not read the book, but will certainly grab a copy at some point. Most people eat with their emotions and not with intuition. I grew up in Venezuela so nourishment was everything when it came to food. When I moved to America I realized that people only eat for pleasure and a lot of the time to hide their emotions. Good article!

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  12. So great. I know that my weightloss started in my mind. Afterall I always say, “Your mind is your best friend going into the bakery, and your worst enamy coming out!” Going in, it’s like, “Oh, isn’t that a cute little tiny cupcake and oh aren’t those nice light looking pastries.” Then it changes roles and says, “Well you don’t want them to go bad you better eat all of them.” Then it changes again, ” I can Not believe you ate all of them!”

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  13. Intuitive eating is where it’s at! Love the blog post. It’s so freeing to be able to get back in touch with actually listening to the body and honoring it’s needs instead of relying on external sources to tell us what we should/shouldn’t eat. Our bodies are so much smarter than we give them credit for– they know what we need!

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  14. Hi Kristen,

    Really great to see this post about intuitive eating, it’s definitely something we support. We’ve made some posts which talk about how diet culture can be dangerous and would love your thoughts on them.


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