Forks Over Knives

Have you seen the documentary, Forks Over Knives?

Forks Over Knives might be just the prescription you need to lead a long and productive life. The book was written by the same authors who created the revolutionary documentary about how eating a plant-based diet can prevent diseases and premature aging.

Within the book you’ll find all the information and encouragement you need to transition your diet by consuming whole-foods and plant-based meals rather than meat. The Forks Over Knives plan is one that is recommended by Sanjay Gupta to prevent the onslaught of modern diseases.

The Forks Over Knives concept is one that promotes using food as medicine, both preventative and healing to keep from succumbing to what much of the population is plagued with. Obesity and chronic diseases are rampant today and the proper diet plan can help keep them at bay.

This plan with also ignite your energy level, so you will naturally move your body more and get the exercise you need to stay balanced and to keep your mental acuity intact. It’s not a secret formula, but one that most people have eschewed for the more popular way of eating such as fast- and processed-foods.

The authors, Dr. Alona Pulde and Matthew Lederman are considered pioneers of what will become our future in medicine and healing. The guide, Forks Over Knives and the documentary by the same name teaches you how to completely turn around your eating habits and your lifestyle in a mere four weeks.

By the end of the book, you’ll have a much better understanding of how food is affecting you and our entire population. You’ll feel better, look better and some of your problems such as digestive issues will vanish by the end of the four weeks of the Forks Over Knives plan.

The recipes contained in the book focus on a variety of whole, plant-based foods, some of which might be new to you. But the recipes guide you through the process and you’ll find some new ways to make meals exciting and delicious.

When you take control of your eating habits a strange thing occurs…you feel more in control of your life, empowered and more prone to make the decisions you need to make to improve your life.

You’ll find that actually eating more leads to weight loss and that you’ll gain an entirely new understanding about how your former diet has made you feel and brought your health and well-being down.

Forks Over Knives provides recipes for every day of the four week transition plan, so there’s nothing to guess at. You’ve got all the information you need to transform your life into a way of living that is designed to bring healthy and vitality into your world and help you enjoy it more.

You can grab the Forks Over Knives book here. There’s also a cookbook here.

Or, watch the original documentary here.

22 thoughts on “Forks Over Knives

  1. Thanks Kristen. A hearty amen! Since we started eating healthy in January and juicing, I’ve gone from 240 to 229.9 today! First time I’ve been in the 220’s since I can remember. I feel energized. My wife and I also walk 10-11 miles weekly. I’m 67 and the change in energy and attitude is phenomenal.

    Keep writing the good word. Blessings.

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  2. I agree plant based is great it has helped me manage my pain from Osteonecrosis. Having a new diagnosis Hashimoto which I had to insist on the test, cz for a long time I knew something was off…. well I was correct. it still makes it challenging to drop weight but slow and steady. And most importantly I feel better a year ago my bone pain from so many skeletal issues Osteonecrosis Osteoarthritis , Spondylolisthesis was just was so intense I was limited. Now I am back to walking not marathons but a mile or 2 a day,and I use my recumbent bike . My bp and cholesterol numbers are great . So many have tried to convince me to go to keto but I feel to good on plants.

    Have a great day

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  3. Sounds an interesting read.
    I do eat meat (not that much) and one of the reasons I don’t give it up completely is that I find it hard to put weight on and lose it very easy if I don’t eat enough protein etc.

    I probably need to do a bit of research.

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  4. I developed anemia.after one week on a vegan diet. It’s not for.everyone, despite it being a good idea environmentally. Shoukd native Alaskans Inuits give up theirwhale blunber diets because some non natives say so? No! A study I cited back in Jan or Feb show 85% of people trying it or vegetarian fail.


  5. Thank you for the well thought out and written post on this movie. I have seen this movie, and even went vegan for a month back in January and lost about 15 pounds. I think a lot of the problems people have with weight and lifestyle diseases these days are caused by fast foods, which tend to be overly salty and greasy. If we pay more attention to what we eat, we may not have to spend so much time in the doctor’s office and on prescription drugs. Take care, and keep writing such thoughtful articles.

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  6. Hi. You have a very interesting blog. I am always looking for ways to improve my eating to change my lifestyle. Your post on the book/documentary sounds intriguing. I will have to do some research on it.

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  7. This and ‘What the health’ are my fave. Everyone should watch them! I have just written a blog about being a vegan athlete and how I fuel myself - hope you enjoy 😊

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