Superfood Smoothies

I recently had a new smoothie place open around the corner so I decided to write a post on smoothies.

Kids love smoothies.

Adults love smoothies!

They can be delicious and refreshing — boosting your energy and helping you lead a healthier lifestyle. Superfood Smoothies recipes contain loads of vitamins and minerals and some creative techniques to make them as healthy as can be.

Superfood Smoothies was written by Julie Morris, a best-selling author who knows her stuff about plant-based and super foods. Her recipes are cutting edge for using antioxidants and other nutrients to provide the healthiest lifestyle possible.

The book contains over 100 recipes and tips that you’ll use for yourself and your family. The recipes are well thought out and concocted to maximize everything you’re looking for in a smoothie…energy, taste, nutrients and texture.

When you try the smoothie recipes in Morris’ book, you’ll be embarking on a journey that will take you all over the world to experience tastes from many different countries. Such items as Medjool dates, maqui berry powder and camu berry powder are just some of the exotic ingredients that you’ll come to love.

All of the ingredients can be found online if you can’t find them in your neighborhood health store. Morris provides the health benefits of the ingredients, plus suggested serving sizes, substitutions you may want to use and where you can purchase them.

You won’t find ingredients such as sugar, syrup, milk, whey protein or protein powders in the Superfood Smoothies book. Instead, Morris explains how and what to use for thickeners and bases, liquids and bulk foods.

Examples are provided and detailed instructions on how to use and how much to use of each ingredients to conjure up the most delicious and power-inducing smoothies you ever had.

Smoothies for health purposes have been around for a long time. They can provide all the nutrients and vitamins we need in a single, delicious glass. Superfood Smoothies are much more than vitamins and minerals.

These smoothies are energy-producing drinks packs an amazing amount of nutrition that you’d have trouble getting even if you ate three healthy meals a day. Every ingredient in every recipe has a purpose for restoring health, keeping you from aging prematurely and lowering the risk of chronic diseases.

Some ingredients are purposely added to boost taste and texture, but all go together to present a health drink that you’ll enjoy and reap benefits from. There’s no need anymore to gulp down grainy, tasteless smoothies just to get the energy boost and vitamins you need.

All of Morris’ recipes rely on plant-based ingredients that she discusses in Superfood Smoothies. Not only does she tell you what to put in to your smoothie; she also tells you what to leave out.

You may be introduced to smoothie ingredients you’ve never tried or heard of before; such as nut and seed milks. There are instructions on how to make your own and how to use them to enhance the flavor of your smoothies.

Superfood Smoothies is filled with helpful tips to make your smoothie adventure tasty and beneficial.

Check out Superfood Smoothies on Amazon.

Let me know in your comments your favorite smoothie recipe…

28 thoughts on “Superfood Smoothies

  1. Earlier this year when my class schedule changed I found that I had less time to prepare my breakfasts. I started making smoothies and relied on some of the blogs that I follow for superfood information and inspiration. I started using maca powder, cacao powder, and chia seeds in my smoothies. I also was looking for a healthy plant-based alternative to cow’s milk and discovered a love of oat milk! I’m going to look into this book you recommended for more inspiration! Thank you 😀

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    1. Rhiannon, This book is essential for any smoothie-curious person. I am fortunate to have a discount grocery store nearby which has been featuring so many superfood deals: cacao powder and nibs, organic hemp seeds, turmeric powder (2 pounds of it!), dried white mulberries, spirulina powder, moringa leaf powder, jungle peanuts. and a few smoothie mixes. Since similarly finding myself making smoothies for breakfast regularly, I have written more than a few posts themed as “Today’s Smoothie.” My latest a few minutes ago is “Berry Good Banana.” Check it out!

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  2. Thoughtful review of Superfood Smoothies! This is the most popular cookbook in my kitchen. We have it well marked up, including a note of the first date one of us has tried a recipe. Few pages are unmarked. This bbok has had a huge impact on all of us, including the two non-vegans.

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  3. Indeed, a very enlightening review of the book as well as the general description of superfood smoothies.I myself fancy a smoothie as it’s a quick source of refreshment and packed with energy boost.
    Great Job!

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