Is This Metabolism Cookbook A Miracle?


You’ll think it really is a miracle when you watch the fat disappear and finally learn how to stay fit and healthy with The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook. That’s because until now calorie counting, measuring portions and starving yourself were the popular methods of losing weight.

Diane Kress wrote The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook to help people stop sabotaging themselves by eating the wrong foods and get them to eat to rev up the metabolism and lose weight naturally, and keep it off.

It may not really be a miracle, but it is a guide to a lifestyle that will turn past failures into huge successes to lose weight. A metabolism miracle comes about by adopting a tailor-made plan designed to reset your metabolism and lose weight naturally.

Other benefits of the metabolism miracle include healing and preventing health problems that may occur when you’re obese and eating junk and processed food as your regular diet.

There are seven simple guidelines that will start you on your journey to the miracle you can achieve. You’ll learn how to rehabilitate your carbs by knowing how they can hurt (and help) your miracle transition.

And, along the way you’ll have access to some fabulous recipes that will help the eventual miracle to occur. You’ve got more than 150 recipes that concentrate on controlling carbs and revving up your metabolism so that it’s burning fat.

At first, you’ll notice that the belly fat you could never seem to lose is melting away. You’ll have more energy to do the things you love and you won’t be hungry like you have been with some diet plans.

There are appetizers, salads, vegetables, entrees and so many meals that your family will love. You can also find gluten-free and even vegetarian choices and some special advice on keeping the weight off and the metabolism turned on for life.

Diane Kress is a dietitian who educates about diabetes who is also a best-selling author who has over 17 years’ experience. She has fine-tuned her entire program and this edition of The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook offers more information and recent discoveries about how the metabolism affects weight loss.

If you’re wondering why you’re not losing weight even though you’re eating fewer calories, why your energy level wanes no matter what you try or why you don’t sleep well at night, you need a miracle to educate you.

You’ll get advice on whether or not to weigh yourself frequently and whether you will need supplements on this metabolism diet plan. Exercise is included in the plan to help ensure your success and to burn fat and build muscle.

The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook is the only educational tool you need to turn your life and your health around enjoy good health and tons of energy. It’s a miracle that will last a lifetime and bring you an abundance of health.

Sound interesting?

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19 thoughts on “Is This Metabolism Cookbook A Miracle?

  1. It’s nice to see that someone is willing to do the work, I used to. I’m particular to the low-carb diet, as my body just doesn’t do well with them. I am also a HUGE advocate of weightlifting. I applaud your efforts here and will visit often. Good luck with your blog–this is terrific and it provides a great service to people who may need more than just a list of books that offer suggestions that “might” work. All the best, Dave

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  2. Thanks for sharing. We think that what you have written in this piece cover most of what people should do when it comes to losing weight. They should cut out the junk food and not to forget about the sugar filled drinks and juice that you find in convenient stores. We personally trained several people and instructed them to eliminate the cola drinks and bottled juices. Within two weeks they were down five pounds. Secondly the focus should remain on consuming three meals a day, and they should contain as much greens as possible and remember to season them for flavor. Then finally include a form of exercise to your lifestyle and routine. You do not have to lift weights if that is not your cup of tea bur you should find something that will make and keep you active.

    Thanks for sharing and letting us share our thoughts too.

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  3. sounds interesting, I have been counting calories and trying my best to eat more veggies. It is the onl thing that has worked for me so far. My metabolism crashed after age 22. I use to be so thin!

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  4. I noticed that you liked my blog posts. Thank you so much. I always wanted to be an author, but life has gotten in the way. I am hoping that blogging can be my path to writing a book. Your encouragement means a lot to me. Do you have a wholesale account with dōTERRA yet? I would love to introduce you to these amazing oils, if you do not already know about their healing powers. Please visit my site, and or become a wholesale customer and get the same discount I do on the products. my Enroller number is 3245219. Thank you again! ~Nichole

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  5. Wow! You must do a lot of reading to be able to review all these books for people! You really share a lot of news for people who are looking for a new way to eat – either for health benefits or for excitement in their diet. You write in a clear and concise way too.
    Thank you for the like at DailyBiblePrayer. And Welcome to following! May God bless you with encouragement, direction and protection as you grow in your relationship with Him through the scriptures and spending time in prayer. Be sure to click on the scriptures at the bottom to read and see what God will share with you personally!
    Like Esther, may you be bold enough to be used by God in a mighty way! God bless your week Kristen.

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  6. Hmmmmm… have you actually tried it? Sounds more like a book review here, this is why I ask. Would be curious to know what it actually does to you. πŸ™‚

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  7. I think metabolism is a miracle, and certainly needs to be respected perhaps at spiritual levels. And you have great responsibility to help with the metabolism of your family.

    In me, it has been reduced to “Eat, Don’t Eat” for weight loss, It is especially good (and challenging) to “Eat – really good food” during the eating periods.

    Thanks for “liking” my blog post. You commented within 2 hours of posting.

    How did you find it so fast? Is there some search trick I should know about?

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  8. Most people who struggle with eating disorders and obesity actually need to fix their metabolism first. It is sometimes deficiency of digestive enzymes that causes trouble and decreases absorption of nutrients, and sometimes it is simply a total imbalance of nutrients due to all kinds of synthetic supplements people consume. Any medications will cause all kinds of digestive side-effects, as well as impact on the interaction of nutrients, substances, hormones and amino acids.
    The problem in the States and Canada is the altered and genetically modified products, chemically grown produce and the use of different additives in daily food.
    As we know, synthetic substances have a different form, and the positive effects of food happen only because all nutrients come in specific, perfectly balanced way. I have seen even organic produce and products that carry a label ” organic”, but they were, in fact, the same old chemically boosted stuff. People who consume this food will always suffer in one or another way, whether they cook or eat raw foods. Plus, eating raw foods can be associated with additional risk of consuming harmful microorganisms.
    People with digestive disorders should be eating, for instance, baked apples instead of fresh apples, cooked carrots and cabbage instead of fresh and so on. It is because fresh vegetables and fruit will irritate their stomach and digestive tract more.

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  9. Hi Kristen:
    Thank you for the “like” and following of the “EMF Apparatus”. Interesting that people seem to like that particular blog (and follow it) but seem to ignore the really important one that gives useful frequencies if One has their own frequency generator (the link to it is one the 1st project blog entry “ATtiny12L”).

    I am always curious if others are engaged in researching and/or Privately using frequency healing technology. If you currently are, leave me a comment as I’d like to hear your experiences.

    I don’t know if you know anything about “Black Salve”. I’ve had two experiences with it removing “tumors” and might create a new post on it. Amazing stuff!

    P..S good write-ups! Thanks for sharing.

    Peace, love, light and blessings.
    Johnny and Bandit

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  10. Thank you so much for liking my post I so appreciate it. I went to your site and well being a health professional myself as a nurse for 30+yrs I thought it delightful and full of great information. I am very familiar with the Paleo diet plan. I am 65 now but try to keep up with exercising but taking a pause for a necessary knee replacement. Thank you again you are a very beautiful and bright young woman. Carol

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