Paleo for Beginners

Today we consider the paleo diet…

Paleo for Beginners has sold more copies than any other Paleo cookbook. The reason might be that the word is out about how it helps you lose weight and feel good. It’s not a trendy diet, but one that takes us back to the days when we lived in caves.

Written by John Chatham, a best-selling health and diet author, Paleo for Beginners is a diet plan designed to give you the energy and health you need to make positive lifestyle changes.

If you’re an avid carnivore, this may be the diet that works for you. You’ll be eating low, carbohydrate, high-protein meals while giving up the processed foods that harm your health and increase the risk of diabetes, coronary disease and hypertension.

Beginners to the Paleo style of dieting will be encouraged by the amount of energy they have and the fact that they don’t feel hungry during the first week of the plan. There’s a list of 145 foods that are best to consume on the Paleo plan ñ and a comprehensive list of foods you should avoid.

The recipes for meals are wonderfully diverse, healthy and hearty. You’ll have an extensive shopping guide that will lessen the time you have to spend figuring out what you’ll need.

Although the Paleo diet has been available for over forty years, it’s just become popular during the past few years. In the beginning it was known as the Stone Age Diet, but people were hesitant to try it because of the belief at the time that low-fat and low-calorie foods were the best choices.

There are various versions of the Paleo diet, all different in how closely the diet of our cave-dwelling ancestors is followed. Paleo for Beginners teaches and advocates the nutritional parts of the Paleo diet, but the plan isn’t complicated or unrealistic for a modern-day existence.

Within the book, you’ll find out what the Paleo diet is all about. That’s essential for beginners to know because when you discover the positive benefits ñ digestive system health, immune system boost and lack of cravings.

You’ll learn how to shop for food on the diet, plan your meals and most important ñ how to get the mindset to realize success. There’s even a helpful quiz to find out which type of cave-person you are.

Do you eat out most of the time, like to focus on prepared foods with a few side dishes or do you have problems managing your time. The answers to the quiz will help you know what’s best for you to have the best chance for success on the Paleo diet.

Of course you’ll find the best of Paleo recipes to get you started and keep you going. This isn’t a crash diet where you want to lose 10 pounds for a wedding or class reunion. Paleo for Beginners sets you up for changing your lifestyle to a simple and better way of eating.

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